Sash Window Restoration: Testimonials

Philip and Jeanette, August 2018

Thank you and Jay for a very professional job.

Philip and Jeanette

John, April 2108

Many thanks for your work Scott! The room is much warmer with all the drafts sealed and my wife was really impressed with how clean you left it.

Thanks again


Lynden, February 2018

Thank you once again for providing a quality product and superior service.



Helen, January 2018

Thanks for the work you did. It is a pleasure to open, close, lock and unlock them. It feels great that they all work.

Regards, Helen


Debra, October 2017

Scott, we appreciate your no nonsense attitude to your work. It’s pleasure to deal with Sash Window Restorations.

Cheers, Debra


Chris and Jennifer, September 2017

Fantastic work Scott. Jennifer and I are DELIGHTED that you could configure us a double sash after all – completely unexpected.

We are very grateful.

Receipt attached for payment for another fantastic job.

Warmest regards



Glenn, September 2017

Thanks for all your excellent work, Scott.

Payment of the balance was made by direct debit this afternoon.
Please also pass on our thanks to Andy.